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ODB++ to DXF. Can I export a separate DXF for an individual ODB++ STEP

The client is wondering to know that can ACE Translator 3000 export more than 2 forms or files or not, ex. input “A1.tgz” ? export “A1-PCB.dxf” & “A1-Array.dxf” & “A1-Panel.dxf”
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Yes.  I assume "A1-PCB" and "A1-Array" and "A1-Panel" are separate STEPS within an ODB++ file.  During export you can select the "Active Step" and then export a DXF just for that ODB++ Step.  Please view this quick tutorial:

Here's the notes from the video.


ODB++ to DXF -- Export Individual STEPS
1. Import ODB++.
2. Select Job "Panel" and export Panel.DXF 
3. View in CAD Tool
4. I will now repeat and export "PCB1.DXF".

... Repeat for any other ODB++ Steps.


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