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I just recently purchased the ACE3000 V7 translator and I am trying to export GERBER and drill files from DWG format.

Thanks for your fast response. 

I have viewed your resulting Gerber and Drill files, they are outputted fine when viewing inside various commercial Gerber Viewers and CAM software.  I can't speak on behalf of how GerbV parses the drill files, but you outputted the Gerber/Drill files using:
Leading Digits: 4
Trailing Digits: 5
Units: English (Inch)

A value of 4 for Leading Digits a non-typical setting for English (inch) units.  It's my guess that GerbV does not like those digits and displays incorrectly.   I would recommend outputting your gerbers from ACE with the following settings:
Leading Digits: 2
Trailing Digits: 5
Units: English (Inch)

Please view the following movie tutorial which shows me convert your DWG to Gerber/Drill (using 2 for leading digits) and then viewing with GerbV:

Note:  This was a quick tutorial without sound, and I may not have used all the correct layer settings when importing DWG.  I just wanted to provide you a reference point to visually confirm the drill files you exported from ACE can be correctly imported into GerbV.

Thanks again.

Best regards,
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