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Does Ace accept true type fonts on AutoCAD and postscript file when converting to Gerber ?

1.  DXF Import:
By default ACE 3000 comes with about 100 per-compiled TrueType fonts that are stored in the ACE folder ".../fonts".  Compile TrueType font means convert a TrueType font to a vector font, so ACE may use it in conversions. If you have a specific TrueType font that is not shipped with ACE, you may compile it so the TrueType font may be used by ACE.  

(A) Start ACE
(B) Go to menu:  Help | Compile TrueType Fonts..
(C) Select the "Font" you wish to convert and choose "Font Style" (i.e Italic, etc.).  Do not worry about what size is chosen (that is not important as the resulting vector font can be scaled to any height).
(D) Press OK, and ACE will compile the TrueType font to Vector; and add it to the ACE fonts folder.
You're now ready to convert and use that TrueType font.

Note:  You only need to perform the following steps once (per TrueType font) and you can share the resulting font file with any other user so they do not need to compile the font.

2.  Postscript Import:
During Postscript Import options set the option Text Output to "Polygon" or "Polygon (Adjust)", and ACE will attempt to map the TrueType fonts to Gerber. 

Note:  When choosing "Polygon" for text output; ACE is reliant on Ghostscript for the ability to convert TrueType fonts (during Postscript Import).  If you have any troubles with TrueType fonts try installing a different version of Ghostscript.  I personally have better results with older versions of Ghostscript (like Version 7), and ACE can handle multiple versions of Ghostscript installed at the same time (you simply tell ACE which version of Ghostscript to use during the Postscript Import Options).

You may also pass any specific Ghostscript settings directly which can affect the output of the TrueType fonts.
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