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During DXF conversion we need to fill the circles to make solid. I tried to fill these using ACE but would not fill correctly.

To fill an area means that the DXF boundary must be closed and continuous - like closed 0-width polyline. However your sample DXF consists of only individual entities: line, arc, and spline segments.  So to fill, I selected the DXF import option: "Join" and "DeEmbed".

JOIN:   The join option connects those entity segments allowing ACE to fill them.

DeEMBED:  This detects when there are "islands (i.e. clear areas)" contained inside an outer boundary.  When selecting this option the internal islands/holes will be made visible.
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I have not used the ‘Join’ and ‘DeEmbed’ options, only the ‘fill’ button. This is good information for me to use with all DXF files I need to fill.


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