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I've completed a few translations from gerber/drill to STL using a demo license. Is there any way to output a plated through hole?

Gerber to STL Conversion - Output a plated through hole using Ace 3000.

1.  Select Import and Export format.
2.  Choose Gerber and Drill Files.
3.  Go to ACE Viewer
4.  Create a Composite Layer.
5.  Go back to Convert, and export STL File.
6.  View in STL Viewer... 

Note:  ACE is a WYSIWYG viewer so as long as it appears in the viewer it will appear in your outputted file.  One cool suggestion is the use the Composite Layer tool to create a layer which merges the Gerber file and subtracts the drill holes.   For more information about composites, please view the Help manual and the following forum post, 

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