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I tried to convert DWG/DXF files to Gerber by ACE3000, but I got some errors. Would you like to help me and find what the reason.

Thanks again for contacting us.  Please understand there is more to DWG/DXF conversions than simply importing them and outputting Gerber. For example DXF/DWG files are "unitless", so you must know beforehand the units used in your DXF/DWG file - choosing the wrong units may cause problems.  DXF/DWG does not natively support Filled objects, so you must tell ACE how to handle fills by using De-Embed.   

Here's some articles from our website explaining DXF/DWG conversions:

Our team has over 20 years experience converting DXF files, and we're always happy to help.  If you run into difficulties, please fill out a support ticket and make sure to submit your DXF or DWG files.  We'll be happy to create a tutorial movie showing all steps needed to perform your DXF/DWG conversion.
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