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All I did is to change some font size parameter on the settings and ACE stop working.

This is just a guess... but I believe what may have happened is a Windows GDI Crash occurred because the font size used in Menus, Dialog boxes became so large when ACE starts, Windows cannot display it on the screen.

FIX:   I believe to fix the problem we need to "delete" that setting for the larger font.  ACE stores all settings in the "system registry" so you will need to perform these steps:

1.  Press Start Button, and type:    regedit
2.  This will open the System Registry...
3.  Locate folder "NumericalInnovations" and delete the child folder "ACE3000v7".
4.  Then re-install ACE and you should be fine.

If possible could you let me know what steps you took to have bigger font on the ruler and I'll repeat them here in detail; to determine what exactly happened.
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