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DWG to Gerber - Takes a long time...

I've installed ACE3000 and used some dwg and dxf files to test. For some simple graphics files, ACE3000 worked well and got the correct gerber files. But for that dwg file, which I've emailed to Miranda last time and I think you must have a copy of it, ACE3000 can not load it. I've run for almost one hour and it's still showing busy cursor, then I had to shut it down. Is this dwg file too complex for ACE3000 to load or there's something wrong? Have you ever tried to converte this dwg file with ACE3000?
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Thanks for your questions.

Your DWG file has an "enourmous" amount of embedded metadata inside the DWG -- it's the most I've ever seen in a DWG.  The problem is that ACE must first parse through all that embedded metadeta which drastically slows down ACE.  If you export as a DXF ACE will skip past the meta data, but with DWG it must first parse everything before it can convert.

I have included a sample movie tutorial showing how to convert your chemical mill artwork using ACE 3000:
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