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I import Gerber and export DXF. What is the meaning/setting of output arcs - tolerance XXX unit (on step #3 - verify the DXF export options)?

The "Output Arcs" options, permits ACE 3000 to detect line segments (that are organized as an arc) and output as arc entities (instead of line segments) in the DXF.  The tolerance feature is the amount of error ACE 3000 can use in it's arc detection algorithms.  Here's a quick tutorial showing the different when I output a DXF using the Output Arc options and then without:

Thank you for the answer. It is a great function to output Arc to DXF arc since I will use the output and create 3D trace.  Would you please explain more on tolerance setting? I could not find any difference between 0.1 and 1 mils.

The reason you don't see a difference between setting 0.1mil and 1.0 mil tolerance is because the "line segments" you are converting  (in your design files) probably already form a perfect arc.  The tolerance setting is used when you have "line segments" that do not form a perfect arc, and perhaps have one or more points that are X distance off the arc --- typically this is due to floating value rounding.   By increasing the Tolerance, ACE 3000 will accept those points "off the arc" by the tolerance setting you set.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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