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During Postscript Import the Helvetica font looks terrible. How can I improve this?

During Postscript Import the Helvetica font looks terrible. How can I improve this?
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[QUOTE]During Postscript Import the Helvetica font looks terrible.  How can I improve this?[/QUOTE]

ACE 3000 relies on the free Ghostscript interpreter to read an handle text/fonts.  If you're getting undesired results for the fonts (such as wrong font used, or it looks extremely weird), then we strongly encourage you download and install a different version of Ghostscript.  Each major version of Ghostscript handles fonts differently.

Luckily ACE can manage multiple versions of Ghostscript simultaneously, all you have to do is make sure you've got the different versions of Ghostscript installed on your computer.

At this point there are 3 major releases of Ghostscript that are compatible with ACE 3000:
* Ghostscript Version 7
* Ghostscript Version 8
* Ghostscript Version 9

Thus if you have Ghostscript 7 installed on your computer, try downloading/installing both Ghostscript Version 8 and 9.  When you run the conversion again, during Postscript Import options; select a different Ghostscript Version to use.

Try using different versions until you get the right results, and continue using that new version of Ghostscript as the default. 


Lastly, if you're still getting undesired results make sure that you have installed on your computer the exact fonts you're trying to convert.   If Ghostscript cannot find the exact font it will start to make assumptions which may result in these undesired results.   To learn more about Ghostscript and how it behaves, visit the Ghostscript website.  Expert users can pass Ghostscript commands directly through ACE to force Ghostscript to use certain font families, etc.

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