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Drill to DXF

So let me tell you what I am trying to do.    I design electronics devices here.   I draw the schematics in Altium, and I contract the PCB layout.   My assembly shop orders the bare boards for me, and their manufacturer panelizes the boards.    We get gerber files back after the vendor does this.

What I would like to be able to do in-house is;
read in the drill file from the panel gerbers.delete all the features I do not need (I am looking for a specific set of alignment holes on each device within the panel).add a rectangle between the alignment holes for my programming header.Output a DXF file that a machine shop here in Bend can turn into a test fixture for me.
It seems pretty simple, and in fact, took about an hour for me to create this in PCB123 (a free layout program).    I could also easily do this in Altium, but I am not going to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a seat of their layout tool since I don't do board layout here.  I just want to get a drill file into DXF and edit the darned thing.
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Actually the Drill file you sent was "Gerber data", so that's why ACE 3000 couldn't convert successfully.  If you select Import Format: "Gerber" and then proceed you should be able to successfully output a DXF.

We also have another tool called FAB 3000 (which specializes in PCB related data like Gerber & Drill).  Here's a quick tutorial (less than a minute) showing me import your data (using the command called "Open Folder" where FAB 3000 automatically figures out everything in the folder and loads it for you; and then just export to DXF.

Since cost is a concern, we'd be happy to offer you FAB 3000 at a discount (simply contact our sales team , and chances are we'll be happy to accomidate you).   In addition, FAB 3000 can do full Gerber/Drill editing and also has one of the "best PCB panelization engines" around.  See this quick tutorial:
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