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Converting DXF with Hatchs doesn't line up with the polylines

Converting DXF with Hatchs doesn't line up with the polylines
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Somehow it is not possible to convert a dxf file that contains ploylines and hatches. After converting the hatches and polylines are not laying on top of each other. (Attached a screenshot from the result and the original file).

When we choose the option “Import Hatches only” the program is working very good. Now the question is; is that right way to work with the program? Does the customer need to change all the files to only hatches (without lines)?

 The AutoCAD is not working with a paper format, so how the converter is generation the paper format for the tiff file? Is there a way to control that? We converted a file and it was cut almost to the beginning to the first pixels, but not controllable. (from top we had 34px to the first image information, from bottom 12px, right 22px, left 0px see attached tiff file). For positioning at the exposure it would be important to understand how the image gets positioned inside the paper format from the tiff.

Thanks again for sending the sample DXF file it was helpful.

DXF is a very flexible format allowing for many different entities types to layout a design, so it's important to know what conversion results you'll get based on the entities used.  Here's some simple guidelines we wrote about converting DXF which may be helpful:

1.  Using Hatch Only.  When viewing the actual DXF file you provided, the hatch coordinates are actually negative which is the reason the hatch uses a negative coordinate system during the conversion.  Fortunately ACE 3000 provides editing capabilities, so you can easily adjust the origin and perform any type of editing before outputting to TIFF  (see movie tutorial):

2.  Using Closed 0-Width Polylines, lines, arcs, entities (non hatch).  Since AutoCAD doesn't natively support fill (except for Hatch & Solid entities) you need to instruct ACE 3000 whether to fill an area or not during conversion.  Only closed & continuous boundaries will be filled, in addition you will need to let ACE 3000 know whether internal objects (i.e. islands) should be made clear using De-Embed.  Please see this tutorial for various examples:

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