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GDSII to DXF, and then DXF to Gerber (using Micron units)

GDSII to DXF, and then DXF to Gerber (using Micron units)
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The .dxf file is the version I received  which I believed was converted or exported by the same design file. Could you please convert the attached .gds to .dxf then .gbr and with both 1um and 1mm as 1. dxf unit and see if you get error message when using 1mm as 1 dxf unit. If it works for you, it may help to figure out what I did wrong.

Thanks for sending the sample GDSII (it was very helpful).

1. Please view the following movie tutorial (no sound), it show me converting  GDSII to DXF, and then loading it into AutoCAD.

Note:  The units of the DXF are "micron" since that's the units of the GDSII file.

2. Here's the tutorial movie showing me converting the DXF (I just created) into Gerber:

Note:  Make sure to notice that the gerber file is accurate to 1 nanometer (because I chose Gerber units: millimeter with 6 places of accuracy).

Note:  The resulting Gerber files are "very" large due to the fact that (A) the original GDSII does not support circles and has drawn circles as polygons  (B) Gerber does not support "hierarchy (i.e. nested cells)" like GDSII & DXF so when data is outputted to gerber it is essentially exploded.  My resulting Gerber files were huge (like 200 MB each file).

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