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During DXF to Drill conversion, some of the holes are missing.

Thanks for clarifying the problem.  The reason ACE 3000 didn't output the drills correctly is because it uses the round "flashes" (on the selected layer), to be output to drills.  Since your DXF has the drill holes inside blocks, ACE 3000 needs you to "Flatten" the blocks (i.e  essentially exploding them).  I have included a sample tutorial movie (no sound), which shows exactly how to perform the conversion. 

Note: This video also shows me viewing the Gerber/Drill results in our gerber editor FAB 3000.  I then also show how you can use FAB 3000 to perform the exactly same tasks (since FAB 3000 is a gerber tool, it can flatten/explode the blocks automatically during DXF import). 
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