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After I convert the DXF file I lost the line resolution. Can you help me with it?

I got the software installed successfully. I am having a problem here: after I convert the DXF file I lost the line resolution. Please see the detailed line width from attached CAD file. Can you help me with it? Maybe I did not set the parameter right during the file converting process?
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Thank you for sending the file.
I noticed your line widths consist of an outside boundary drawn with 0-width lines.  To fill an area, the outer boundary (drawn with lines) must be closed and continuous.  You have 2 options:

1. In your CAD program (like AutoCAD), make sure all boundaries are closed and continuous using commands like PEdit / Join, or redraw with clean boundaries like a closed 0-width polyline.  For example the boundary at the approximate location ( 55.4, -124.5 ), consist of open lines that are not closed and continuous.


2. During DXF import into ACE 3000, check the option "Join" for each layer that contains boundaries (consisting of lines), that need to be filled.

I have included a quick movie tutorial (no sound), which will show you the settings to use.
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