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Gerber to GDS

My customer has provided an art gerber file.  I am able to open it as a gerber 
file in a gerber viewer, but I had not previously seen this sort of 
gerber file.  Unfortunately, it seems that customer used lines to fill areas and these lines are not useful in GDS.  I want just the polygons for the outlines, and do not want the lines used to fill areas.
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From what I understand you need "polygons" instead of lines which are typically used in Gerber files.  Here's a sample tutorial movie showing how the use the ACE 3000 command "Merge Overlapping Objects" which converts those lines into Polygons which can make the conversion to GDSII more easier.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you can provide me a sample "art" file we can perform the conversion for you and provide a movie tutorial showing exactly how to convert your files to GDS.
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