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Tool for making AutoCAD from Gerber

Tool for making AutoCAD from Gerber
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We often receive GERBER format (RS-274X) designs that need to be read into AutoCAD.  I see EasyGerb 4 creates Gerber from AutoCAD.  Do you have a tool for making AutoCAD from Gerber?

Yes, we offer an easy to use translator called ACE 3000 (DXF-Gerber) that will convert from Gerber to AutoCAD for the same cost as EasyGerb.

Here's a simple tutorial for using ACE 3000:
A. Start ACE, and select Import format: Gerber and Export format: DWG. Then click "Next", and select your gerber files...
B. Verify the "Gerber Import Settings" (usually you can ignore because ACE will figure it out), and press next.
C. Verify the DXF/DWG Export settings. Note: This step is very important because there are many different options on how you want your objects to appear in AutoCAD. Some engineers want everything filled in solid so it looks just like the gerber files in AutoCAD, which other engineers want just the boundaries of the gerber files.

Here are a few online movies using ACE 3000 to perform the Gerber to DXF conversion:

See link below for more information about ACE 3000, and you may download a free 10-day trial:

If you get stuck or have any questions, simply email a sample gerber file, explain how you want your DXF or DWG file to appear in AutoCAD, and we will create an online movie tutorial showing how to perform the conversion using your files.

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