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Is there a way to manipulate a shaded image into a fully filled GDSII?

Is there a way to manipulate a shaded image into a fully filled GDSII?
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The shaded bitmap image creates a GDSII that imports individual dots into my modeling tool (HFSS), whereas the filled version creates a solid object. So I would need a way to manipulate a shaded bitmap image into a fully filled GDSII?

ACE 3000 is just going to covert the bitmap image to GDSII; if the bitmap has dots, then that's what will be in the GDSII; with a few exceptions.  What type of images are your trying to convert to Gerber?  Are they microscope photos?

If yes:

1. You can try checking the option "Optimize Pixels" to create polygons (instead of line strips).
2. Try adjusting the "Grayscale Percentage". Here's an except of this feature from the help manual:

Black and White Images (such as JPEG's from a microscope) incorporate a "grey blending" which leads to very few background pixels actually being black or white. This setting is a ratio which was developed (by Numerical Innovations) to allow pixels with a "grey-scale" similar  to that of the background color to be treated as such.  This setting helps with "automatic recognition" of features, and has proved very useful for Failure Analysts(FA) who need photos taken from microscopic devices, converted back to GDSII or Gerber for comparison purposes against the CAD data.

3. If possible, on the microscope try adjusting the darkness level for the outputted bitmaps (this will make those images more solid).
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