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I can't seem to generate drill data for oblong holes.

For drill output this rule holds true: Only "Flashed" objects, will be considered a drill hit.  Why? Flashed gerber objects contain a center point & defined width -- similar to drill hole.  So you must have flashed data to output a drill from gerber files.

The oblong shapes in the dxf were drawn with polyline outlines, so they will not be flashed during the conversion. Most DXF files have a separate layer just for the holes, which consists of circles containing the hole locations & diameters.  Fortunately, ACE has a conversion tool in the viewer which will allow you to convert drawn pads to flashes  "Convert to Flashes" located in the Tools menu. Then you can return to "Conversion Mode" and export your Gerber & Drills with all flashed pads used for drill hits.
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