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ACE was easy to use, however the DXF file exported from ACE doesn't seem to load into my Eagle package. What should I do?

My guess is the DXF file is probably valid from both ACE & the other conversions software, and the problem could be with the DXF importer of the Eagle package. I would suggest contacting the developers of Eagle to find out which DXF objects import best into their software. For example the DXF could be generated using a 0-width polyline as the outline of traces & pads (or it could use a polyline with width for the traces.
Why? DXF is a fairly complex format, and most vendors who write software to import DXF files only allow for a limited set of DXF objects to be imported into their software. ACE allows you to adjust what DXF objects are used during DXF export, so that it has a better chance of success when loading into other programs.
If you do try ACE again, I'd recommend outputting using "Outlines". If you're interested we'd be happy to provide an online tutorial movie. Simply submit a support ticket.
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