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We primarily convert from DXF to Gerber. Which product should we choose: ACE 3000 or FAB 3000?

What makes ACE unique is that is converts many different formats such as GDSII, DXF, Gerber, OASIS, ODB++, STL, and more --- all in one tool.  

However, if you are primarily converting DXF to Gerber files (or Gerber to DXF), we would recommend that you use our product FAB 3000.  FAB 3000 contains many gerber related tools such as DFM/DRC Checks, Panelization, and advanced gerber editing that ACE does not have.  FAB 3000 and ACE 3000 share the same source code also so the results will be fairly similar.

To convert DXF to Gerber using FAB 3000:
(1) Start FAB 3000 and goto menu:  File | Import | DXF...;  once you have loaded your DXF into FAB 3000.
(2) Export to Gerber (goto menu: File | Export | Gerber...)
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