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ODB++ to DXF export into Solidworks

We need to get a compact, (File size), DXF or DWG file of out of our PCB* design and into Solidworks 
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Solidworks has a very limited DXF importer which means that you must produce a flat DXF (i.e no blocks) and use outlines only (no plines with widths, etc.).  If your goal is to output your ODB++ files to be used in Solidworks (or another 3D related software), then we would recommend that you export to 3D STEP format instead.
Note: STEP format is the most compatible 3D file format, and loads much quicker than DXF.  Almost all 3D software tools have an STEP import feature.
1. Start ACE and select Import Format "ODB++" and Export Format "3D STEP ".  Click Next and select your file.
Note: Usually for a first test we recommend that you use a single gerber file (or something simple), just so you can first get familiar with the STEP export & how it appears in SolidWorks.
2. Review Import Options, and click Next
3. Review Export Options, and click Next.
4. The layer map is very important when exporting to STEP .  Here is where you assign the layer stack-up & thickness.
Note: We recommend that you leave defaulted for the first time, so you can at first get familiar with the STEP output.
5. Click next, and choose a location for your STEP file.
Now start Solidworks, and import the STEP file.

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