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I need to convert my gerber file to DXF, so it can be loaded into Solidworks. My designers can't seem to get it to load.

All DXF files generated from our products will load flawlessly into AutoCAD (which is the creator of the DXF format).  The problem is getting the DXF files to load into the 3D-programs like Solidworks, Rhino3DM, etc. Most 3D software tools have very limited DXF importers, so the DXF file must be properly tweaked to get it to load into those 3D products.  What do your designers require for DXF import?  Outlines only, or do they want paths, or solids?  

If your interst is primarily with Gerber to Solidworks, I would recommend you using our product FAB 3000.  It has the ability to easily import Gerber files, define board profiles, assign layer names, and easily export a STEP file that can be loaded into any 3D program.  Here's a "how-to" blog post of ours showing the benefits of convert Gerber to 3D STEP:
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