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How do I import GDSII file, and export a large bitmap.

How do I import GDSII file, and export a large bitmap.
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Start ACE, and perform the following:

1. Select "GDSII" from the Import Format drop down list. 

2. Select "Large Bitmap" from the Export Format drop down list

3. Click the 'Next' button to proceed.  You will be prompted to select the GDSII file (for importing)

4. Review the Import GDSII Options. Click the 'Next' button to begin translation.

Note: To export a large bitmap, you must be in the "ACE Viewer", because ACE requires the viewer to render the pixels that will be used in the exported images. ACE will automatically go to the Viewer once you have finished imported data.

5. Goto Viewer menu: File | Export Large Monochrome Bitmap...

6. Verify the Bitmap area (either Extents, or Display)

7. Verify the Bitmap DPI resolution. This can be just about an resolution that you require, in Dots-Per-Inch.  The higher the resolution, the larger the bitmap file will be.

Note: Since GDSII geometries are very small we recommend using a very high DPI.

 8. Press 'OK', and select the file name & path for the image.

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