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How do I convert a DXF file to a NC Drill file using ACE?

While NC Drill is not a primary output, ACE can convert DXF to NC Drill data, here's how:

  1. Start ACE and select "DXF" for Import and "Gerber" for Export. 
  2. Press "Next" and select DXF file.
  3. During DXF "Import Options", make sure to check layer option "Flash" for each layer that contains the drill file and then press  "Next".
  4. Verify Gerber export options, and press "Next".
  5. Once you have arrived and the "Export Cell and Layers" page, make sure the "Drill" option is checked for each gerber file containing drill information.

Note: ACE scans each gerber file that had the layer option "Drill" checked.  Every gerber flash that ACE finds will be considered a Drill Hole (using the flash size as the diameter and the X,Y location as the center of the drill hole). Once all the drill holes have been determined, a drill file with the extension "*.drl" will be created.

Note: Actually if you want to generate NC Drill files from any data format, simply select "Gerber" and the export format & check the option "Drill" in the "Export Cell and Layers" page.

Here's a tutorial movie showing the process to convert DXF file to NC Drill:
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