Floating Licenses will allow the installation and execution of a software application on unlimited computers but will limit the number of concurrent users to the License (# concurrent users). For example, an application can be installed on 200 company computers, and with a floating license all those company computers can run that application.  However if the floating license only has 1 concurrent user (default) -- only one  person at a time may checkout and use the license.  The other 199 users will need to wait until, that one person closes the application (which releases the license and makes it available for someone else to use).  

Floating License - Concurrent Users (2+ recommended)

For most companies 2 or more concurrent users should be purchased; for best performance and cost benefits assume 1 concurrent license should be purchased for every 10 computers.  Thus if you expect to have an application installed on at least 50 company computers - a floating license with 5 concurrent users is recommended.

Floating licenses can reduce software application costs by up to 90%:  

The floating license is an extremely affordable method to provide software applications to a large group of people.  For example, instead of purchasing software licenses for 200 computers, you purchase a floating license with 20 concurrent users (i.e. 1/10th the number of total computers needed) and everyone shares the license.

Avoid FLEXNET Server Setup!

One of the biggest roadblocks when using the traditional Flexnet floating licensing, is the comprehensive Server setup (i.e. install vendor daemon + flexlm tools, extract HOSTID/HOSTNAME , request servers' license key, etc.).  After the server setup, each client computer has communication requirements that need to be resolved (i.e. Port#, updated Environment variables, etc.).

Note:  In the event a company server is down, changed or updated (typically ever 1-3 years) - all previous floating licenses will no longer work.

Easiest Floating License Setup Ever 

After order placement, receive a simple Activation Code (ex.  HFS3471D1H346D1FG) 

Just install our software on unlimited computers and enter the activation code.  The floating license will automatically be shared between all computers and permits # concurrent users (depending on the number of concurrent users purchased).