Windows 10 Creator Upgrade may trigger a re-activation (Activation code users only)

The major Windows10 Creator Update that is currently being rolled out by Microsoft via their automated Windows Update process, may impact the "Activation Code" when locking the License to the User’s computer. This will trigger a re-activation the first time it is run under Windows 10 Creator.  A Re-activation is actually a straightforward and short process which only requires that the user re-submit their License Activation Code, their Current License Code Password, and a "New and Never Used Password" (for Single-User licenses).

Forgot Activation Code/Password?  If you have forgotten your password and/or activation code please view the following link to retrieve them:

Using Legacy software version (past 3+ years)?:  For best results please make sure to stay current with your software.  If you're using legacy software (over 3+ years) we would recommend upgrading to the latest version.

Thanks again.

Numerical Innovations - Support Team

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