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FAB3000 trial request

i`m just curious, i've sent request for fab3000 trial via your webform. Even i've sent question to you support (also via webform) and there was no response so far. It was week ago and this seems little strange to me. Thanks

Thanks for your forum post.

When requesting a free trial download, please make sure you provide a valid company or university email address.  Anonymous email addresses like gmail, trashmail, etc. are typically not accepted.

Why?  This is primarily a security precaution, as our software tools are constantly targets of hacking, software pirating, etc; and most of these hackers will use fake/anonymous email addresses to attempt to gain access to our software installers, binaries, etc.

Of course we want all potential customers to have an opportunity to fully evaluate our software tools, but  please understand we typically receive 20-30 fake download requests each day -- so we simply need to verify if the person requesting a trial is genuine (or has other intentions) before we send out free license keys, etc.

I hope providing a valid company or university email address will not be too much of a discomfort for you.

Thanks again!


Note:  If you do not have a valid company or university email address, I can offer these suggestions:

(1) Let us know what features you're interested in and we'd be happy to create a detailed movie tutorial showing exactly how to perform any task you require, plus we have already created 100's of "how-to" online movie tutorials viewable on YouTube, ScreenCast, and on this forum. 

(2) We offer free tools like DFM Now!, so you can have the opportunity to determine the exact look, feel and usability of FAB 3000.

(3) We offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee; so if you decide to purchase beforehand and then are not satisfied - we'd be happy to provide a full refund.  Nowadays with credit cards this is very easy & quick.

Thanks for your reply. I provided valid company name and email address in all forms that i filled on your web. I'm EU resident so of course my company is registered here.

reply to note 1: i need to try software in real life, videos and tutorials are simply now enough.
reply to note 2: that tool is somwhat crippled compared to fab3000. i need to know what to expect from program when inverting, rotating moving objects, easy of use and such. thats the weak spot of camtastic
reply to note 3: well thats fine that you offer money back but it's all about trust which must be earned over time. 

So question is. What should i do to obtain trial of Fab3000?

I'd recommend just emailing  and request a trial license key.
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