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I am getting trial license key error....saying its not correct...I am using a FLEXnet key sent by you in my email

Typically when you receive a FLEXnet License key from us (either Trial or Permanent), make sure to copy all lines of the FEATURE (including the word "FEATURE") to the clipboard and paste into the space provided on the Enter License Key dialog.  Then press button "Activate".  See below for a sample FLEXnet key.

FEATURE ace3000 numinno 6.0 28-jan-2011 uncounted HOSTID=ANY \
    ISSUED=23-jan-2011 \
    NOTICE=@demo_license_for_evaluation_only;ace3000 TS_OK \
    SIGN="268C 1021 B383 A4BB 6AAD 0B10 BA1F AD1E 4B13 ABD1 1BA7 \
    7270 E28A 2A28 3295 02EF C233 4417 17EF A299 A235 6454 441D \
    6473 339F 0358 68DF 204A 8A78 b5A4"

Screen capture of Enter License Key Dialog with FLEXnet License Key pasted:

Important:  When pasting your FLEXnet License Key, make sure there are not any "strange" or "extra" characters that show up in the License Key Dialog.  If so, make sure to delete them before pressing button "Activate"

Note:  Other potential License errors include:

Extra Mailto characters:   The trial license key always contains the end users email address.   For some reason, when copying the trail license key from your email client app - it may add an extra <> when you paste it into the Enter License Key dialog.  If possible please delete the extra mailto line (inside the enter license dialog or text editor) before pressing activate.

Invalid Clock:  Your computer is set to a date that is either 1 year ahead or 1 year behind.  Make sure to set your computer to a valid date will resolve the issue.

Invalid KEY:  Either your license key contains extra characters (which occurred during pating - as described above), or it's not a valid license key.

Feel free to contact us for assistance with any license problems.

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