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DFN Check in DFN NOW! V8 How ?


How to run DFN Check in in DFN NOW! V8, I click on the "DFN Check" button but after that get message like below:


I select "Yes" and go to "Layers Table" but I can only select to active one layer - why ?


I click "OK" and try again "DFN Check" button and get the same message like above. What I made wrong ?

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Thanks for your question.

All Layer types must be defined before running DFM Check.  If your unsure of the layer type, choose "Graphic".

It appears from your screen capture that layers 1, 10, and most likely others are still not defined. 

When DFM Now! performs a DFM Check it will let you know whether your design passed DFM Check.  If not it will let you know the number of each error located.  

Note:  In future updates of DFM Now! the will be new reports, and integration with our - all free.

Thanks again.

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